Data quality control and management services are provided for metocean data collected from fixed and floating structures. The services are tailored to each client’s requirements but typically consist of:

  • Update and archive of the quality checked master data sets.
  • The retrieval of data from the offshore installation.
  • Update and archive of ‘as-supplied’ data sets.
  • Communications required to resolve problems identified with the data.
  • Quality control of the metocean data using PhysE’s bespoke software.

PhysE delivers all quality assured data to its clients, and retains a second copy on the PhysE system.

Data quality control and management reporting products of interest to many of PhysE clients includes:

  • Storm reports – triggered by severe events.
  • Winter reviews – summarising the severity of a winter period in the context of the long term environment, and design criteria.
  • Air Gap reports – an assessment of the tidal levels and present platform air gap which allows potential platform settlement to be monitored.
  • Annual reports – presenting summary statistics for selected locations or regions, based on the preceding year.