PhysE provides metocean criteria to all phases of offshore developments:

  • Site Assessment: rapid, low cost, reviews suitable for temporary deployment of mobile units.
  • Design criteria: detailed studies to establish metocean criteria for final design.
  • Operational Criteria: for the assessment of windows of opportunity and/or downtime.
  • Criteria specific to the development of Wind Farms

Technical Services

PhysE provides technical services other than data analysis and interpretation, including:

  • Equipment specifications for metocean monitoring systems
  • Preparation of technical specification for tenders
  • Technical evaluation of bids
  • Acting for clients in the supervision of field activity such as the deployment of oceanographic instrumentation.

Data Management

PhysE provides a metocean data management service, including:

  • Transcription of data to archive format.
  • Quality inspection and control.
  • Scoring key performance indicators.
  • Notification of sensor performance or malfunction.
  • Storm reports – triggered by severe events.
  • Annual reports presenting summary statistics for selected locations or regions.

PhysE delivers all quality assured data to its clients, and retains a second copy on the PhysE system. Extracts from the PhysE copy are delivered free of charge to clients, on request, via FTP site.