pjoPJO’s career in commercial oceanography is now in excess of 35 years, during the course of which he has authored over 100 specialist environmental reports presenting design and operational criteria for offshore installations worldwide.

Studies leading to a BSc. Hons. (Oceanography) followed by a research based MSc. (Oceanography and Geochemistry) at the University of Wales were the foundations to his interest and career in Oceanography.

Following his postgraduate studies PJO spent 8 years at Marex Technology Ltd. This provided a firm foundation in all aspects of metocean data collection and analysis.

PJO then left Marex to become a founder member of Paras Ltd, where he spent the next 4 years. There he built on and broadened his experience, both in terms of the studies undertaken and the geographical regions in which he has worked. Also, whilst at Paras, PJO became involved in the development and promotion of oceanographic software.

This interest in metocean software led to his involvement, as a director and founder member, of Solcom Ltd, a software company whose initial focus was, once again, the acquisition and management of metocean data for the offshore industry.

2 years at Solcom Ltd was followed by 2.5 years at the metocean service company Fugro GEOS Ltd, where his roles included technical consultancy, project management, tendering, marketing and sales. He eventually became Fugro GEOS UK sales manager.

PJO welcomes the opportunity that PhysE provides, to return to, and develop upon, what he knows and does best, the provision of technical metocean consultancy to the offshore oil and gas industry.

Like all of the PhysE consultants, PJO’s extensive experience within the commercial metocean industry provides him with a comprehensive knowledge of the oceanographic needs of an offshore installation throughout all stages of its development.