cjp_0As a Metocean Advisor with PhysE Limited CJP is primarily involved in the quality control and analysis of metocean data from offshore platforms in the North Sea.

CJP graduated from the University of Southampton in 2008 with a First Class Honours, Masters in Oceanography degree (MOcean).  In the final years of his degree he focused on physical oceanography, specifically coastal physics and global climate. Courses studied included: large scale oceanography, shelf sea and shelf edge processes, global climate cycles and climate dynamics.  In his final year research CJP used an in-house biophysical model to determine physical water properties of the Stratified Western Irish Sea including: shear, buoyancy and turbulent kinetic energy, under different metrological and hydrographic conditions. Results were used to validate an observational data set.

During his previous employment at Marine Scotland – Science (formally Fisheries Research Services) CJP designed an environmental study to monitor sedimentation and entrainment in the Firth of Lorn Marine SAC (special area of conservation). This involved analysis of local currents and background levels of particle suspension, to put into context sedimentation caused by dredging.