NFB’s career in meteorology and oceanography now spans more than 40 years. During that time he has worked for the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Marine Exploration Ltd (Marex), Paras Ltd (of which he was a founder member) and Fugro GEOS Ltd. In 2002 he founded PhysE Ltd, a consultancy specialising in the physical environment.

Since 1983 NFB has provided metocean (meteorological and oceanographic) criteria for the design and operation of offshore facilities. This work has involved the application of a variety of statistical methods, technical writing and lecturing.

Through PhysE he continues to offer analysis and interpretation of metocean data, supported by a range of services only available from the truly independent consultant, for example: preparation of metocean strategy, tender documents, review of tenders, contractor selection and independent verification of criteria.

Past projects have include the provision of metocean design criteria for both fixed and floating production platforms, and the assessment of waiting/downtimes for offshore operations including float-out, towing, installation, heavy lifts and offloading. Coastal and on-land projects have included LNG terminals, wind farms and oil and gas processing facilities. NFB has occasionally undertaken non-oceanographic work, including participation in the design of a new laboratory for the analysis of water samples, process documentation for aerospace engineering and environmental auditing.

Regions within which he has worked include ice-bound seas (e.g. Okhotsk, NE Caspian), temperate and warm seas (e.g. North Sea, Atlantic Margin, Mediterranean, Persian Gulf) and regions at risk of tropical revolving storms (Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of Paria, Baha California). Water depths at project locations have ranged from 1.9 m (NE Caspian Sea) to the deepest oil fields, offshore Brazil.