MIKE Zero: Bathymetry of the Thames Estuary – London Box Wind Farm

MIKE BW: Snapshot from video of waves entering the DB300 Lagoon, NE Caspian Sea

PhysE operates the DHI MIKE21 suite of oceanographic modelling software and owns perpetual licences to:

  • MIKE Zero: Peparation of bathymetries (square grid and variable mesh)
  • MIKE HD: Hydrodynamic modelling (currents)
  • MIKE SW: Spectral Waves (sea states over wide areas)
  • MIKE BW: Individual waves in Ports and harbours and around structures
  • MIKE Animator: For generating movies of wave propagation

The preceding suite caters for the applications we most frequently service. Additional modules (e.g. sediments and water quality) are licensed on a job-by-job basis.